Plug Into Your Power

The method. The community. The magic

Let’s empower you to get the life you want.

You're at a crossroad.

You’ve been taking care of everyone around you. You have accomplished a lot. Looking from the outside in, you have a. . . well, close to perfect life. 

And yet, something is missing. I know you don't want to say it, so I'll say it for you:

You feel unfulfilled. Dissatisfied. A feeling of, "there has got to be more to life than this!?" 

You've often felt different. Not fully seen, understood, or appreciated.

I see you. I was you.


They love it here, and you will too!

“I just completed Plug Into Your Power  and want to make sure everyone who is looking at connecting more with your own power knows about how great and effective it is. I am so happy I invested in myself and had the good fortune to work with Unni as my connection coach and her most effective course material. She is amazing, very intuitive and skillful in the way she helps you reconnect. I looked forward to every session and had a very transformative experience. I can already feel changes in my life. Thank you Unni. ”

Astrid Morris

The stories we tell ourselves become our reality.

But what if these stories hold you back? What if they are lies? 

I hope you are ready to embrace a new story and own who you really are. 

Say it with me: I love myself enough to do this!

They love it here, and you will too!

"Through her course I began to understand my own need for genuine connections better and I also worked on the connection with myself. Although loneliness is an epidemic in modern society, despite the prevalence of social media and numerous ways of communicating that previous generations didn't have, it is nothing to be ashamed of; this course provides tools to get to the other side of it."

Cristina Slattery

Are you ready to discover how good life can get? 


Reconnect with your source of power, change your life.

It's that simple.

  •  Get the partner you always longed for, or fix the relationship you have.
  •  Have supportive, inspiring, and real friendships.
  •  Get clarity and be successful doing what you love.

Say goodbye to settling for less than what you deserve.

Give yourself permission to thrive!




UNNI Turrettini

“Unni is an amazing talent and her new course is terrific! As a human connection expert, Unni has a true gift for bringing people together and making them feel seen. Plug Into Your Power is a great leap in the journey of pushing through overwhelm and getting to what makes us excited.”

Financial Educator

UNNI Turrettini

“Unni is an engaging presenter with significant domain expertise and deep personal experience with topics including loneliness and connection. A key insight is that getting comfortable with one's self is the necessary first step to connecting better with others. Unni's course materials were well-produced, and her enthusiasm for the material and presentation skills helped the lessons take root. I benefited greatly from Unni's course!”

Principal at Judicial Holdings LLC

UNNI Turrettini

“Unni is an absolute master in connection and making people feel seen. She's doing an amazing job making everyone feel a little less lonely.”

Super Connector Media

After years of research and coaching hundreds of people, I’ve taken the best parts and put it into a program that is time- and energy-effective with no fluff.


This is NOT just a confidence boost. This is a new way of life.


You'll book a time for a free mini coaching session, where we'll help you uncover what's been holding you back and provide you with some life-changing tips to start your journey toward a life you can feel excited about.

If this program is a fit for you, we'll provide you with personalized recommendations and explain how it can help you achieve the results you desire. 

You'll get access to the online modules which includes exercises, guided meditations, and a workbook that makes it easy to track your progress. You also get weekly live coaching calls in a small group.

My goal is to empower you to take action towards unlocking your full potential and living your best life.

Life-Changing Course Content 

Weekly Group Accountability + Support Video Call With Founder

24/7 Community Access 



Ask yourself this:

  • Am I ready to choose myself (without the guilt)?
  • Do I want to surround myself with people who contribute to my growth, inspire me, and who are ready to support me when I need it?
  • Am I ready to stop sacrificing my own happiness for others? (knowing that when I stop sacrificing myself, I become the role model they need?)
  • Do I want to feel rock solid and confident in times of uncertainty, knowing that I’ll be ok? (More than ok, I will thrive!)
  • Am I ready to get the clarity to know the next best step?
  • Am I ready to stop sabotaging myself? 

Hi, I’m Unni 

It took me 3 law degrees, an international career in law and finance, an amazing network of people around the world, and a family of my own to realize how empty I felt. It took me even longer to figure out what to do about it. 

After years of researching human connection and publishing two books, I developed a method to help people connect with their source of power, so that they too could discover YES, THERE IS MORE TO YOUR LIFE. 

If you’re ready, I can’t wait to welcome you into my PLUG INTO YOUR POWER program. We keep it real and honest, we connect, develop friendship, and we help support each other. No fluff.

More about me here.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. I have the answers (hopefully!) 

This program is about getting you the life you want! We dig deep, we get honest, and I'll teach you to connect with your higher self - that part of you who knows who you are and what's possible. You'll get clarity, confidence, and feel so at peace - ready to receive all the opportunities that are available to you.

PLUG INTO YOUR POWER is about rewiring you so that you get out of your own way and stop reliving your past as your future. It's about becoming a NEW you.

The Plug Into Your Power program is for those who want to improve their relationships, draw the right people to them, experience more fulfillment and success. If you feel like "there should be more to life than this," this program is for you! 

Typically, the ideal person for this program is someone who appears to "have it all," who has experienced success, and who, for some reason, still don't feel fulfilled.

It's for you if you're not willing to accept everything our culture is pushing on us, and you want to be courageous and speak up in a meaningful way.

However, if you are not willing to take radical responsibility for your life, if you are not willing to let go of victimhood, you will likely feel frustrated in this program. It's ok. Come back when you're ready!

When you purchase the program, you get the online modules for life. In addition, you become part of small group of likeminded people for four weeks, with includes weekly group calls. 

It's both. You do the online modules, consisting of videos and a workbook, in your own time. I recommend you complete one module per week.

I will be leading the weekly calls, give you individualized homework, and also answer any questions you may have in the facebook group.

You can complete the online modules in your own time, and you get to keep them for life, so there is no rush to complete. The calls will be recorded, so if you miss one you  still get a lot of value learning from the live coaching.

No. If you are committed to showing up for yourself and to making changes in your life, you will get results. If you are on the fence, it's not probably not the right time for you. Come back when you're ready!

Hvis du bor i Norge, har du 14 dagers angrerett fra du kjøpte programmet.

Make a decision to change your life. Commit to the process. Change can take time or it can happen quickly. Do the work, show up fully, be honest and humble with yourself regardless of the time it takes. You got this! And I got your back.