3 Tools To Deal With Loneliness - So You Create Connection, Meaningful Relationships, And Experience More Joy

Hi, I'm Unni

I'm an attorney, speaker, and award-winning author of The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer, on a mission to prevent extremism and mass shootings spurred by loneliness.  

I have appeared on Fox, ABCCSPAN, The Tedx StageThe James Altucher ShowBBC World, and in The New York Post, The Spectator, and Authority Magazine.

In my latest free PDF Guide I share with you the three tools that enabled me to feel love and a true connection with those around me - and to attract and develop friendships with some amazing people I used to dream of knowing!

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When you believe you are worthy of love and connection: 

  • Your health and energy improve

  • You attract the people who are meant for you

  • You will be more successful (because connection is the ultimate performance enhancer)

If you're hesitating, ask yourself this:

Have you ever . . .

  • Felt like you didn't belong?
  • Felt invisible?
  • Felt overlooked?
  • Felt empty?
  • Felt disconnected?
  • Wondered what's the purpose of it all?
  • Felt like a loser because everyone else seem to have succeeded at social connection, but not you?
  • Been in a room full of people and felt completely alone?
  • Taken out your frustration/anger on the people you love?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, chances are you are suffering from loneliness.

More than 60% of American Adults suffer from loneliness. 

(That makes loneliness the fastest growing epidemic on the planet!)

AND many of them don't even know they are lonely. They just feel angry, sad, exhausted, or unhappy.

You can change that today!

UNNI Turrettini

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UNNI Turrettini

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UNNI Turrettini

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About Unni Turrettini, Esq. 

Author, speaker, loneliness & connection expert committed to cultivating a culture of belonging.

Norwegian-born Unni Turrettini grew up as a global citizen, spending half her life abroad, including the United States, France, and Switzerland before returning to Oslo in 2016. 

She's the award-winning author of The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer and Betraying the Nobel, and has appeared on FOX, BBC, n-tv, Ticker News, and been featured in The Spectator, WWD, and The New York Post.


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